Yves-Marie MORAY's law firm is located in Paris and is a member of the EUROLAW FRANCE professional network composed of business lawyers and experts specialized in corporate counseling.

He intervenes in business law and personal law, consulting and litigation.

He advises, assists and represents his clients before the courts of law (civil and criminal) and administrative tribunals.

Positioning of the firm: France and Europe

The functions of the firm are threefold. First of all, it provides information and advice to its clients. Second, it acts as a writer and negotiator alongside its clients. Finally, he represents his clients before the courts by acting on their behalf and defending their interests.

a) As part of its information and advice function, Yves-Marie MORAY's firm keeps its clients informed of the latest legal and jurisprudential developments. He determines with them the appropriate solution to their particular situation and advises them on the best way to adopt to safeguard their rights and interests.

b) The law firm of  Yves-Marie MORAY also acts as an editor for all correspondence, contracts or agreements. He drafts all useful correspondence with the interlocutors or partners of his clients as well as any contract or transaction.

c) The law firm of Yves-Marie MORAY represents its clients before the courts. Within the framework of this mission, he undertakes all necessary steps, amicable or contentious, to preserve and assert their rights, after having defined with them the best strategy to adopt according to the particular situation. As their representative, he assists them and conducts for them the negotiations with their partners or potential adversaries.

Yves-Marie MORAY's law firm has a longstanding relationship with Belgium, the Nordic countries, particularly Sweden, and the countries of Central Europe, particularly Austria.

A case is not just a file: it always has implications in the life of the client, whether an individual or a company.

A relationship of trust and transparency must exist with the client, in order to establish with him a real communication, in real time, honest and clear, in complete confidentiality.

The firm has the constant concern to provide its clients with a quality service adapted to their needs. It intervenes, both in France and in Europe and internationally in the areas of expertise described on this website.

It is at the service of companies and their managers: advice and litigation in the fields of corporate law and individual rights presented on this website.

All these competences are combined with the dynamics of EUROLAW's motto which is expressed in English: ' Before signing, contact EUROLAW '.

Let's meet to share your projects, your difficulties and give you the relevant advice adapted to your needs.

The law firm of Yves-Marie MORAY is located at 126, boulevard Haussmann in Paris, in the 8th  arrondissement, near Place Saint Augustin.

For any appointment, please contact us by e-mail