Employment Law

Labour law is a protective right, therefore a directive, complex, disparate right, made up of an accumulation of legislative and regulatory texts taken at different times, without sufficient correlation and which has led to an abundant and evolving jurisprudence.

From the drafting of the employment contract and its amendments to its termination, the labor code comes into play and no employer can avoid its strict application. The social risk therefore begins at the time of hiring. It ends years after the employee's departure, when all the time limits for recourse to the various jurisdictions concerned have elapsed, and when the last expenses for accidents at work and occupational diseases have been charged to the company. These charges, not to mention a possible conviction, can seriously damage the company's finances.

In the social field, prevention is therefore crucial. How do you draw up an employment contract, how do you negotiate its termination, how do you dismiss, how do you react in front of the labour courts, how do you compromise, how do you defend yourself, how do you go to mediation?

For all these situations, and for the decisions that result from them, the firm of Yves-Marie MORAY and the EUROLAW FRANCE network are at the disposal of the company director.