General european law and internal market 

Yves-Marie MORAY's law firm and the EUROLAW FRANCE network provide advice:

- on European regulations and national transposition texts : products, consumers, environment, health, free movement, energy, etc.

- in the context of litigation with an administration, when the national regulations applied do not comply with European law.

The law firm of Yves-Marie MORAY and the EUROLAW FRANCE network offer the following services:

- implementation of a process of compliance with competition law for draft contracts of  companies and local authorities

-   initiation and monitoring of competition proceedings before the European Commission and, where applicable, the Court of Justice of the European Union

-  identification and litigation management of non-compliant behavior of competitors

-  securing the company receiving public aid: compatibility of the aid with European law

- defence before national courts with arguments of European law, before the European Commission and the courts of the European Union