Yves-Marie MORAY's firm and the EUROLAW FRANCE network are experts in law, political science and economics.

They enable economic actors, companies and business federations to meet and be heard by French and European political decision-makers, to be heard before parliamentary committees and to be received by the technical advisers of ministerial cabinets. They analyze the company's legal and tax environment, inform it in real time of projects to change this environment, set up an institutional strategy and support them in their desire to participate in political decision-making.

They enable the company to no longer resign itself to passively undergo regulations that it considers unsuitable for its core business, but to become an identified player and participate in the thinking of political decision-makers. The aim is to manage the risks associated with changes in European and national legislation, regulations and standards as effectively as possible.

Concrete examples of actions undertaken :
- action in favor of private engineering faced with competition from public engineering by drafting and following up a complaint to the European Commission. This led to the modification of the French public procurement code and opened up the local authority market to private engineering companies, putting an end to competitive discrimination and establishing the current regime of access to public procurement for all operators.

- action in favor of the regulated professions (lawyers, chartered accountants, doctors, architects, etc.) in the defense of a French statutory body in matters of professional advertising.

Realization of a study in comparative law that served as a vehicle for lobbying the European Commission, on the basis of which the definition of a set of ethical values for all the ordinary professions in the European Union was adopted, leading to the liberalization of advertising for the regulated liberal professions.

- action with the European Committee for Standardization in favor of a professional federation and its members who have set up, through a pro-active lobbying approach, a European federation that is today fully recognized.

- implementation of European initiatives in the health sector with a view to obtaining recognition of professional qualifications and training.

- monitoring of European jurisprudence concerning state aid and the management of European structural funds.

- organization of professional training cycles in Brussels for public institutions, particularly in the research and innovation sector.