Our fees

The firm of Yves-Marie MORAY establishes its fees in full transparency with its clients, according to the nature and difficulty of the case and the time to be devoted to the treatment of the file. In accordance with the deontological rules of the legal profession, the fees are the subject of an estimate subject to the client's agreement.

From the first appointment and after a preliminary study of the case, Yves-Marie MORAY's law firm offers the client a choice between several billing formulas, with the aim of promoting the most advantageous form of fees for him.

A letter of engagement and a fee agreement, which is mandatory since the law 2015-990 of August 6, 2015 for growth, activity and equality of economic opportunities, are established between the firm of Yves-Marie MORAY and the client in order to materialize the service proposed by the firm as well as its mode of remuneration.  Several modes are proposed:

Fees based on time spent

Fees are based on the number of hours to be devoted to the treatment of the file. The amount of the fees will therefore depend on both the time spent and the hourly rate which depends in particular on the nature of the tasks to be accomplished, the skills and seniority of the lawyer in charge of the case: senior or junior.

Fixed-rate fees

This formula is generally used in cases where there are few uncertainties concerning the course of the procedure, thus allowing the firm to agree with its client on a lump sum for the entire processing of the case.

Success fee

When Yves-Marie MORAY's law firm and the client have expressly provided for it in the fee agreement, an additional remuneration, based on obtaining a precise result for the client, may be added to a fee, based on a fixed fee or a quota of hours. However, the success fee cannot be the only method of remuneration for the lawyer.

Legal protection insurance

The law firm of Yves-Marie MORAY invites the client to check whether he has a legal protection guarantee attached to one of his insurance contracts. If this is the case, the firm's fees will be partly covered by the insurer within the limit provided for in the insurance contract.

Reimbursement of fees by the other party

In the context of a legal dispute won by the client, the judge may decide to order the opposing party to compensate the client for the fees paid and the costs incurred during the proceedings.